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About the American Society of Home Inspectors:

The American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc., (ASHI), formed in 1976 as a non-profit voluntary professional society, was developed for the purpose of establishing formal inspection guidelines, a professional code of ethics, and gives consumers an assurance of quality and professionalism. Members of ASHI are independent professionals who operate their own inspection services. Today ASHI, whose membership extends across the United States , is recognized nationwide as the leading authority in the home inspection field among inspectors and homeowners alike.

What does ASHI do?

ASHI has established significant standards of practice for the home inspection profession, so that anywhere in the country a buyer who uses an ASHI member can be assured of a complete and detailed inspection. ASHI requires that its members subscribe to the Society's strict Code of Ethics: no ASHI inspector may have a commission agreement with a real estate broker, or offer to do any of the repairs he recommends. As part of its continuing education program, ASHI keeps its home inspectors up-to-date with the latest building technology, materials and professional skills. ASHI also serves as a public interest group by providing accurate and helpful consumer information to home buyers on home purchasing and home maintenance.

Who belongs to ASHI?

Only home inspectors who have met ASHI's rigorous professional and educational requirements may qualify for membership in the organization. ASHI members have had experience in various construction fields, or have been building contractors. All ASHI members have a long history of professional home inspection experience.

What else do ASHI inspectors do?

In addition to performing pre-purchase home inspections, many ASHI inspectors help homeowners with analysis and solutions of specific problems, such as wet basements, energy conservation and cracked foundations. ASHI inspectors are also frequently called in to review restoration and home improvement plans as well as maintenance specifications and contracts. They can also inspect work upon completion to ensure that a contract has been properly fulfilled. If you find that you are involved in litigation regarding contractual work performed on your house, many ASHI member are qualified to provide expert witness testimony should the need arise. Of course, most ASHI members also inspect light commercial properties, historic homes, multiple dwellings, condominiums, townhouses and cooperative apartments.

ASHI standards of practice and code of ethics

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